Natural Dyeing

The water is an essential resource for life on the planet and for human development. The textile industry is one of the industry that most consume water and pollute water bodies. Currently, natural dye accounts to only about 1% of the total amount of dyes used worldwide, and there is scope for more. By using natural dyes rather than synthetic dyes, we are able to closely connect to nature and recognize the importance it plays in all of our lives.

Textile industry is one of the biggest global polluters and it consumes high amounts of fuels and chemicals. There is enormous use of drinking water in various operations of its production chain, such as washing, bleaching, dyeing. The main damages caused by the textile industry to the environment, however, are those resulting from the discharge of untreated effluents into the water bodies.

Namrata is the co-founder of ColorAshram Foundation, an innovative Natural Dye Training and Research Centre. While heading a conscious fashion brand, Biome, she wanted to create awareness about natural dyes. She has trained more than 800 people including Sustainable Brands, Design Students, School Children, Artists and Sustainability Enthusiasts.