What is Ethos Quadrant? | Is Slow Fashion Expensive?

Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

Todays Fast fashion manufacturing trends today is metres and metres of identical looking cheaply and quickly manufactured fabric, made into identical products to be distributed and sold worldwide, worn for a single season and then discarded.

We have done damage to this great attribute by insisting that handlooms follow the same quality control, quantity and pricing parameters as other fabrics.

Whereas in handloom, each metre of fabric can be different and it cannot be made in thousands or even hundreds of metres and that is a slow process shaped by the individual art and skill of the maker.

In the last few years handloom textiles have lost their unique tactile quality and therefore their market share. The market is flooded with powerloom imitations of handcrafted textiles offered at more attractive prices.

The beauty of in handspun, handwoven textiles is in the texture and inherent inequality. The low twist of handspun yarn helps it to unravel marginally every time the fabric is washed, giving it softness, a comfortable feel and a wonderful drape.


Today as we talk more about sustainability, ecofriendly means of production fits naturally into the concept of slow-fashion. Todays new generation is seeking a responsible alternative to mass production and consumerism.