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Tula is a not-for-profit social enterprise that brings to you garments from Indian (desi) traditional cottons grown organically by smallholder, rainfed farmers, with the Yarn hand spun by skilled khadhi workers and colored with natural dyes where required, with the fabric woven on handlooms by master weavers, with the garments stitched by women and men from economically and socially Marginalised groups.

When you wear a Tüla garment, you can be sure that it is the lightest garment possible, both in its environmental sense and its fair/just trade sense. Compare that to today’s cotton value chain which is a big polluting industry as well as a resource and investment gobbler. One should also not miss the fact that handloom is one of the largest employment sector and is on the wane. Reviving and bolstering the hand spinning and hand weaving is a major requirement for the nation building.

Tula works to revive and encourage rainfed organic Desi Cotton and our rich artisanal traditions of hand spinning, hand weaving, natural colours... ensuring the whole cotton value chain is ethical and eco-friendly. More over all the livelihoods across the value chain are paid dignified and fair remuneration empowering local economy and rural livelihoods. Caring for the Earth and farmers, spinners, weavers, tailors is at the core of Tula.

All this makes Tula’s garments the lightest, most eco friendly one’s you can sport. Each time you sport a Tula you can be very proud of the fact that its not only the ecologically beneficial but that you have touched and improved atleast 5 livelihoods along the path.