What is Ethos Quadrant? | Is Slow Fashion Expensive?

Nature Alley

Nature Alley was created in 2012 with a vision to reimagine traditional Indian handicrafts with modern sensibilities. We make natural-dyed handspun and organic clothing and accessories collaborating with artisans from Karnataka.

After spending decades in the apparel business, with its fast-paced and wasteful seasonal turnover, we realized that the only path to a thoughtful and sustainable future was to shift the focus to local communities and the environment.

Could we create a conscious, slow fashion brand that was stylish and could be worn anywhere in the world, and at its heart celebrate local and traditional craft, textiles and techniques? Our products are made with craft honed over generations to showcase the beauty that is hiding in plain sight.

For people working with traditional crafts, we have tried to take a non-traditional approach. From the start, we wanted to focus on simple minimalist everyday clothes that were chic and urban, and paid homage to the craftsmanship that went into making them. Our garments are all season classics, the handloom cotton is breathable in summers and warm in winters, the sustainable way forward for our planet. Our clothes are meant to last a lifetime, and even scraps are reused to make new garments, as has been the norm for generations of artisans, so we can have the lightest carbon footprint.

Sustainability is more than the environment, it also encompasses the ability to live a life of dignity and we firmly support fair wages for our artisans. Taking inspiration from Gandhi, who wanted handloom to traverse socioeconomic borders, we have built a closed loop economy, where rural handicrafts can be designed for urban and global markets, and fair wages bolster the rural economy, making it self-sufficient.

Nature Alley is made with love, meant to be passed down through time as simple, precious treasures.