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MORALFIBRE works to re-invent age old handcrafted fabric – Khadi that is unique to India and it is an important part of the world history. Making of Khadi fabric frees th environment from pollution and depletion, free people from poverty, and create sustainable and circular economy. The production approach and values Khadi present has played a pioneering role in showing new ways and workable alternatives, to the exploitative Fashion Industry, of the world today.

The inherent quality of MORALFIBRE fabric is such that it allows air circulation and it absorbs body’s moisture, making it cool and comfortable against the skin in summer and by using layers it keeps the body warmth trapped within its threads in winter. The feel and wearability of the cloth improves with every wash.

The Khadi cloth is completely made of biodegradable materials. It is made without using finite energy and resources, so that it makes less negative impact on the environment (only 9% of electricity used compared to conventional mill made fabrics).

Unlike other industrially manufactured woven and knitted ones, these hand crafted fabrics making, involves handspinning on Peticharkha, Ambar Charkha and Solar charkha and handweaving on paddle loom, pitloom, hand held loom and solar loom. The process is conducted using ‘peoples’ energy’ and renewable energy instead and has far reaching economic and social benefits to the artisans living in remote villages. Today with growing concerns about Global Warming and Climate Change, this is a unique way of fabric hand-crafting and it is a clean energy initiative.

India is one of the very few countries, where peoples’ skill-sets of crafting textiles have still survived.

MORAL FIBRE has helped supporting over 100 small artisan businesses and their skills; they include spinners, weavers, dyers, block makers, printers, tailors and bring the mini standard supply chain. With mills and automation, many of these businesses are dying and specialized skillset held within communities is diminishing fast. By appropriate and innovative design and technical intervention MORALFIBRE works with the artisans to create fabric with sophistication; they are produced combining old and new skillsets to match today’s sensibilities and ethics.