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Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus is an ensemble of next generation entrepreneurs, weaver designers, dyers, weavers, weaver organizations who are fully engaged with and proud of being associated with traditional practices of handcrafting. The approach of this loosely bound and unconventional team is to focus on filling the gaps and constraints in languishing craft clusters, on investing in new markets for day-to-day base fabrics, and on new products for emergent markets.

As part of this social enterprise, we work in Andhra and Telangana, committed to providing livelihood to over 70 handloom weavers and 30 hand spinners. Our products include handspun handwoven natural dyed saris, yardage & dupatta in jamdhani & kupadam techniques; natural dyed ikat saris and 2/60s azo free chemical yardage. Our latest inclusion is organic yarn natural dyed products. Our in house capacities include a dye unit for natural dyes and azo free chemical dyes.